basic info

FULL NAME: luka del rossi
AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 39 & december 5, 1980.
OCCUPATION: former con artist
HOMETOWN: new orleans, louisiana
FAMILY: lucas (father, deceased), alysia (mother), amorie (younger sister)

out of character

PLAYED BY: olivia wilde
JOURNAL: ~lukadelrossi
MISCELLANEOUS: est, third person storybook. threading preferred. custom friendly.
CREDIT: ~cnate.

from the moment that luka was born, her father knew exactly what he expected of her. she was supposed to be a son, all of the doctors had told them throughout her mother's pregnancy that they were sure it was a boy. they'd gone out and gotten all different things, all prepared to have a son, and then she came into the world instead. this didn't make her grow up as a tomboy, as her father refused to allow her to act like a son if she wasn't one. he doted on her in every way possible, always making sure that she was well taken care of and was living up to his expectations. all of the things that she was involved in as a child was because of him insisting on it, though she never enjoyed choir practice or piano lessons. her mother went along with all of these things, thoroughly disappointed in herself for not being able to conceive another child after luka was born. she had wanted to give Lucas the son that he always wanted, but was having many difficulties doing so. when Luka was eight, they sought out the help of a fertility doctor, and within months alysia was pregnant with their second child. again, they had hoped for a boy, but instead were given another little girl. nine years old at the time, luka had little to no interest in her baby sister, and began to distance herself from her parents, who were of course giving all of their time and attention to the new baby.

when her high school years came around, luka was a bit more grounded with her grades and the after school activities that she was still being forced into doing. it was during her freshman year that she met her first boyfriend, a guy four years older than her that reeked of trouble. he wasn't just a typical bad boy that all girls seem to be attracted to, there was something entirely alluring about him that she couldn't get enough of. her father outright refused to allow her to date at the age of fourteen, so it was then that she began to sneak around with him as much as she could. he introduced her to a lot of things that she otherwise would have been protected from within her home, and her rebellious stage didn't go unnoticed by her father. he tried to ban her from seeing the guy, but it never worked out, and she continued to find ways to see him anyway. she barely graduated high school because of this, and had to take summer classes just to prove that she would be able to go onto college. she dropped out not too long after being enrolled, and it wasn't until she turned twenty-four that she decided she needed to get her act together. her father had always wanted her to become a doctor, and she tried to grant his wish, but he died not too long after she got herself on the right path to become just that. she quickly took off to las vegas, losing herself in her new career of conning men that she had picked up from her former boyfriend. she met a lot of future boyfriends this way, and often got caught up in falling in love with them, which would then ruin what she was trying to do all along.

the life of a con artist was often a lonely one, and luka had gotten used to being on her own. when it came to relationships, she never truly dealt with them, as she was too much of a free spirit to be tied down. not only that, but her career wasn't one that she could openly share with many people, and she didn't want to enter into a relationship because of it. within a year of moving to boston, luka met someone that she knew would change her life. he started out as a target but became much more than that in a short period of time. before luka even knew what she was doing, she was in love with the man. little did she know that it was going to be one of the biggest mistakes of her life. jake callahan was a police officer; as smug as the day was long. the two dated for a very short amount of time, until the truth slowly started to unravel, and luka discovered that he wasn't at all what he said he was. he was just as much of a liar as she was, and the truth broke luka's heart. from that moment on, she decided that she would never put herself or her heart on the line for anyone ever again. it took her two long years to fully get over jake, which is when he decided to come back into her life. the two bickered as often as they possibly could, but they managed to form some sort of an odd friendship along the way.

as much as luka tried, she couldn't seem to force herself into a normal job. it was always a goal for her, but it just never worked out the way that she ultimately wanted it to. she had made more friends in boston than she intended to, and lying to them about who she was had started to become too much of a chore. in early spring of 2012, luka decided once and for all to become an honest person, and stopped any and all illegal activities. her mother had dropped a bombshell on her the previous year, explaining that there was a possibility that another man could be her father. luka didn't know how to process the information, but she eventually reached out to the man, only to discover that she wanted nothing to do with him. whether he is or isn't her biological father doesn't matter to her, and she refuses to even find out for sure. with her sister amorie living in chicago, luka slowly tried to mend their relationship. now that they were both older, she was less annoyed by her sister's antics, and wanted to one day be like actual sisters.

after a few short flings and an even shorter relationship with someone she pursued for two years, luka finally gave up on dating and figured she would spend the rest of her life alone. by this time, she had started to admit to herself that she really only had lasting feelings for one person, and she wasn't sure she ever wanted to tell him as much. they danced around being in an actual relationship for so many years that she wasn't sure they'd ever truly be together. one night, they ended up falling into bed together, and before long, luka found out that she was pregnant. she broke the news to him on his birthday by placing the pregnancy test into a box. from there, they finally found themselves together, and before long, they were all living under the same roof. their daughter ella was born two years later, and the two became engaged with no real plans or date for an actual wedding.


ONE when she was little, she always wanted to be an astronaut, and would dream of becoming one everyday during choir practice.

TWO she always had a close relationship with her father, and it was because of him that she began a residency, but he died before she could finish so she stopped.

THREE has only been back to her birthplace in new orleans, louisiana once since the 2005 hurricane katrina devastation, even though her childhood home made it through reasonably okay.

FOUR her sister is nine years younger than her, so the two often have difficulties understanding one another and getting along.

FIVE has had a slew of different boyfriends, but considers herself to be a relationship failure because she's too easily persuaded.

SIX has a middle name but will never reveal what it is to anyone, and if asked, denies its existence.

SEVEN has an incredibly bad crush on jared leto and jeremy piven, even though her friends harass her for it.

EIGHT used to get along better with men, but that has slowly changed.

NINE met a man in 2011 that was believed to be her biological father, but doesn't want anything to do with him and doesn't care to find out the truth.

TEN spends a lot of time teaching herself how to cook and bake.

ELEVEN prefers older men, but has found that there's always one exception to the rule.

TWELVE despite their age difference, is trying to build a better relationship with her sister.

THIRTEEN listens to a variety of different music, from boy bands to grunge rock.

FOURTEEN ends every evening with a glass of red wine.

FIFTEEN has an incredibly strained relationship with her mother, though they will talk on the phone at least once a week.